Happy Update: Kids’ individual Sabbath School classes resume this Sabbath!

Hello and good day to you, dear Anaheim SDA Church members & friends,

This is Pastor Mark, writing you with a good news update about our children’s Sabbath schools! Based on permission given at last week’s board meeting, our children’s ministry team got together last night to discuss reopening the individual kids’ Sabbath School classes. We decided to re-enter our individual classrooms this coming Sabbath, March 12th!

Here is a reminder as to the age groupings for the Sabbath schools:

Cradle Roll: (Birth – 2yrs) led by Claudia Flores

Kinder (ages 3-4) led by Ivette Hernandez & Jimena Tatum

Primary (ages 5-9) led by Cledy & Allyson Milla

Junior (ages 10-13) led by Griselda Schultz & Jackie Bruno

Youth (ages 14-18) led by Mirella Velasco & Jenny Hastings

Also, Young Adult Sabbath School restarted a few weeks back in room 304 with Lorena Salto Leading. 🙂

Additionally, you may recall that, before the pandemic, we held a group song service in the Youth Room (at the far left of the long building as you look at it from the parking lot). We have decided to tweak the schedule a bit, moving it up in order to accommodate more time in the individual classes. We will be holding group song service from 9:20-9:40 in the Youth Room, before heading to our individual classrooms at 9:45. This is a highlight of the morning for our kids, so please be prompt, so as to not miss-out!

Kids’ SS classes will then be held until around 10:45, and of course main church in the sanctuary begins at 11:00.

Here is the New Sabbath Morning Schedule at a glance:

9:00 a.m. – Spanish Sabbath School service in the Fellowship Hall

9:20 a.m. – All ages song service in the Youth Room (601)

9:45 a.m. – Children’s Sabbath School classes in their classrooms

10:00 a.m. – Adult English Sabbath School in the sanctuary

11:00 a.m. – Church service in the sanctuary

4:30 p.m. – “Sociedad de Jovenes” bilingual sundown service in the Fellowship Hall

(next week moving to 5:30 because of the time change)

Alright! We are rejoicing to be replacing this important factor in our ministry! One of the last major components we’d lost during the pandemic. We pray this will be a blessing for all involved!

We pray that you and your families are blessed as we perceive the Sabbath approaching from afar. 🙂


Pr. Mark Tatum

P.S. I’m also happy to share installment #4 in the “28 Glimpses of Jesus” series, based on our SDA Fundamental Beliefs. #4 is on the topic "God the Son". Here is a link to my YouTube channel, and of course you can catch-up on past installments at any time if you’ve missed seeing them. 🙂


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