Mid-week Pastor’s Update 4-17-2019

*Note: Scroll down to see announcements, particularly our special Easter
service this Sabbath!*

*Anaheim SDA Church*

*Mid-week Pastor’s Update*

*April 17th, 2019*

[image: pic out office window.jpg]

*“Look! Your house is left to you desolate” – Matthew 23:38*

Around midday this past Monday, I was looking out my office window,
thanking God for the beauty of the place I’m permitted to be, and snapped
the pic above. Not an hour later, I heard the news from someone and rushed
to my computer to see images of the famed Notre Dame Cathedral being
engulfed in flames, its spire collapsing. I was moved to tears at the sight
of mourners beholding the consumption of the church, and at commentators’
notes on its history, how it had overlooked Paris for nearly 9 centuries,
seeing movements of leaders like Napoleon and Hitler rise and fall.

Of course, our faith is not in material things, no matter how beautiful.
God’s presence is not dependent on beauty, as Jesus said in the above quote
regarding the still-beautiful Jerusalem temple. And, conversely, our faith
does not fall, no matter how devastating the physical destruction. The
presence of God’s Spirit is what makes something full and meaningful, or
desolate and void.

I couldn’t help but think, though, “what if something similar happened at
our church? How would we feel? How would we move forward?”. The thought was
daunting to consider. We surely would, though, with God’s help.

I also heard newscasters telling about the relics, the statues and pieces
of religious historical value that Notre Dame held, the greatest of which
was a supposed thorn from Jesus’ crucifixion crown which was held there.
This part I could not relate with: we of course knowing that holiness does
not reside in ‘things’, and having no statues nor relics. So in this sense,
I consider that the Catholics’ grieving in Paris was quite a bit different
than our own would be. Part of me hoped that this would cause some of them
to question their (borderline) idolatry; to see that things are just
things, that those relics did not prevent the church from burning: what’s
more, they had to be rescued by people.

Though we would of course say that their form of faith is not the fullest,
most Biblical one, I hope we would be compassionate about the sadness and
sense of devastation they feel. To disagree with someone religiously is not
to gloat over their loss, or wish them ill. In truth, it could have as
easily been our church which burned (indeed, many SDA churches and
institutions have burned in the past), and it’s an extension of the Golden
Rule (Matthew 7:12) to have sympathy on mourners, the same as we hope they
would have for us.

The Prime Minister of France has vowed that they will rebuild. I heard that
some European billionaire has pledged $350 million to go toward the
reconstruction efforts. Surely people pull together in times of need and
loss, and the outcome may very well be more beautiful than the original was
(though it may take years, if not decades to make it so). So, too, in our
own lives. I think of the families who are mourning losses here in this
first part of 2019. But I pray it’s helped us pull together & be stronger
than it was before we endured them.

May God walk with the believers in Paris, may He console them, and lead
them to Truth in His Word. May we all appreciate and cherish the things we
have like houses, jobs, and a beautiful church. And may we remember that
material things are not things to cling to (Matthew 6:19). Rather, we
should reach to the more perfect, the enduring, the eternal (vv. 20-21).

May God bless you all the remainder of the week.


Pr. Mark Tatum


*Prayer Requests:*

Please keep the two families who have recently lost fathers in your
prayers, especially Rosa Ferreras & Victor Tolan. May Jesus come quickly
and wake these men up to be restored to their families on the resurrection

Lloyd & Esther Sellers request prayer for their health & treatments they’re
undergoing. May God strengthen them to be able to return to worshipping
with us. They also request prayer for their daughter, Christine, who is
taking care of them while she works & supports her own family too.
Additionally, they request prayer for their other children & grandchildren
who are in various situations. The Sellers’ greatest prayer is that the
family can be united in the faith & making decisions in their daily lives
that lead to stability & happiness.

Please pray for people suffering for various reasons around the globe,
including in Syria, Venezuela, our southern border, New Zealand, Paris,
etc. May wisdom & compassion prevail in the minds & hearts of leaders
making decisions, and may people pull together & look to God for comfort.
Please pray for peace, stability, and mutual understanding to prevail.

Please keep medical/health prayer requests in mind for the following

· Carmen Warr’s daughter, Liza, who is undergoing tests &
treatment. Pray for quick recovery.

· Christina Rebensczuk requests prayer for her health & ability to
sleep, as well as for her sister, who is dealing with a couple health
problems, and her neighbor, who is in his 90s and is in a fragile state as
well. May God uphold these people in strength.

· Betty Caballero’s sister-in-law niece Carol, and friend Lupe, who
are both suffering with health problems.

· Vivian Rodriguez, Rosa Ferreras, and Daniel Geli, who are
enduring effects of long-term illness. May they do so with grace, faith,
and improvement over time.

Let’s pray for our government leaders, both domestic and international, as
peoples’ ability to live stable, peaceable lives depends on them making
good, wise decisions. Let’s continue to pray for those local, broad, and
abroad, to be wise and judicious in their leadership. Let’s remember that
the Bible’s instruction is to pray for our leaders (Romans 13:1, 1 Tim.
2:1-2) so we can live peaceably, doing God’s work day by day.

Pray for families and relationships that are strained and broken. Pray for
prodigals to be ‘nudged’ by the Holy Spirit to return home to the faith of
their upbringing. Pray also for the church’s marriages to be strong &

*There is, of course, much more to pray for. Please consider joining our
weekly prayer groups, and if you have a prayer request to submit for our
list, please communicate it either to pastor Mark or the church office. God
bless you.*



*Food Bank Distribution Tonight (Wednesday)*: From 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., our
food bank will be open for distribution. If you or someone you know could
benefit from some free food, please encourage them to come and receive. A
big thanks goes out to our volunteers who dedicate dozens of hours per week
in collecting, organizing, & distributing the food. Also we are looking for
additional *drivers* who would be able to help out with doing grocery
pickups 1 or more mornings per week. Please let Pastor Mark or the church
office know if you are able to help.

*Grupo de Oración en Español: *Reunimos a las 5:30 en el Fellowship hall
para revisar un capítulo del Deseado de Todas Las Gentes, y elevar
peticiones en oración. Esta semana estamos revisando el capítulo 70: *“**Estos
mis hermanos pequeñitos**”*. Ven para experimentar una bendición en
compartir fe con hermanos y comunar con Dios y otros.

*Special Sabbath for Easter Weekend:* This week, in addition to being a
“VBS Reunion Sabbath”, will have several special components, including:

· Special *Easter potluck breakfast* at 8:30 in the Fellowship
hall. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share as we fellowship and rejoice
in the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus. Bilingual Sabbath School will
follow, led by Dr. Israel Chambi at 9:30, and Sabbath school lesson classes
at 10:00.

· Special kids’ song service at 9:30 in the youth room. Pastor Mark
will be leading out with guitar, before the kids go to their age-based
Bible classes at 10:00.

· Family- and Visitor- friendly church service, including baby
dedication and baptism in our sanctuary at 11:00.

· Special *fellowship luncheon* in the fellowship hall after church
service. This special meal will be provided by the children’s ministry

*“Diabetes Undone” Health Seminar continues this Sabbath Afternoon *in *room
305/306*, and continues through April. We have two weeks left! What a
blessing it’s been getting to know more about our bodies, health, and
growing closer & fellowshipping with fellow members.

*Kids’ Clubs of Pathfinders & Adventurers* are on for this Sabbath, and
will be beginning at 3:00 p.m. in front of the Youth room. The *Pathfinders*
will be taking a trip to a local arboretum in the afternoon, whereas the
*Adventurers* will be having a potluck-style dinner and a pool party at the
Chambis’ house Saturday evening. We are getting toward the end of our
year! A special thanks goes out to our club leaders, Craig Voelker &
Margarito Gonzales for making the clubs great as our kids learn more about
God’s love.

*Sociedad de Jovenes* empezará a las *6:00 p.m.* este Sábado en el salón de
jóvenes. Ven para cantar, jugar un juego bíblico, y escuchar un tema
relevante y inspiracional por nuestros días.

*Tuesday Night Prayer Meeting:* will be meeting next week at 6:30 p.m. in
Room 304. Each week we review a chapter of The Desire of Ages (next week,
chapter 71: “A Servant of Servants”, and lift up petitions in prayer.
Please consider coming & joining this close-knit group of faith &

*Pastor’s Availability: *Pastor Mark plans to be available for the
remainder of this week, for meetings by appointment either at the church,
your home, or another location. Next week, however, he will be out of town
for the majority of the week. Feel free to call/text him at (714) 650-1245,
or e-mail prmarktatum@gmail.com if you’d like to communicate something to
him, or arrange for a time to meet together.

*Future Calendar:* Looking further ahead in our schedule, there are several
more things to be anticipating as well!

· April 27: Orangewood elementary choir joins us for church, with
the Academy choir coming to join us in the afternoon for a *2:30 grand hymn
sing concert* in our sanctuary.

· May 11th: Baby Dedication & Baptismal Service

· May 18th: William Chunestudy Men’s Chorus joins us for church &
possible afternoon concert.


Okay! I believe that pretty well sums it up for what’s going on in our
community this week! Thanks to all who committedly dedicate themselves to
the Lord’s service in the many ministries this church provides. May God
continue to oversee & bless our community.


Pastor Mark Tatum