Mid-week Pastor’s Update 12-26-2018

Anaheim SDA Church

Mid-week Pastor’s Update

December 26th, 2018




“If we
walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one
another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.”


Well, yesterday
was Christmas, and I hope it was a good one for you and your family. As for
mine, we were blessed to have a group of 8, a representation of pretty much
everyone even loosely related to us here on the west coast (most of my family’s
on the east coast and in South America). 🙂


As I’ve said
previously, I hope that amid the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations
and celebrations, that we got a moment to slow down, perhaps read the Birth
accounts in the Gospels, and receive Christ into our hearts, as He so longs to
enter (Revelation 3:20). To not neglect this purpose is, I believe, at the core
of Christian observance of Christmas. The rest is just ‘hullabaloo’ if Jesus is
not at the center. If you have not really done so already, there is of course
still chance to sometime this week. Please prioritize it!


But, having
welcomed Christ into our hearts, the question is begged: what next? Does Jesus
just remain a baby, cute and gurgling, but not growing to speak to us, walk
with us, and ultimately save us? The answer, of course, is no. Once we have
received Christ into our hearts, the next undertaking is to walk with
our Lord.


This doesn’t
mean it’s time to ‘grit our teeth, and
start achieving!
’, rather, it means continuing in the giftedness, and the
blessedness, that is life with our Savior. Every step is made by His grace
& enabling. We actually achieve little if anything ‘on our own’, it is only
in cooperation with Jesus that we begin to show fruits and good deeds (John 15:4-5, Eph. 2:10). It is because
of this that there is no room for judging or boasting in our faith (Matt. 7:1-2, Eph. 2:8, 1 Cor. 1:29-31),
all is from the Lord.


Walking in the
light of God is a blessed walk. As our highlight verse above from 1st
John said, b
eing led on the path of God’s justice
& truth is a glorious thing. Proverbs 4:18 tells us “The path of the righteous is like the
morning sun,
ever brighter till the full light of day.”
Isn’t that an inspiring
illustration? And it can be made true in us!


So let’s
cooperate with the Lord in his saving of us! Never in a concept of legalism or
‘achieved’ salvation, but rather with a sense that we are being led by a
benevolent Father on a glorious path. Sure, in this life, pitfalls and trials
will assail us, but with Him holding our hand, we needn’t ever fear (Ps. 23:4). Even disciplines from the
Lord may come (Jn. 15:1-2, Rev. 3:19), but these are always for our greater good and best interests in the long run. We
will look back at the end of the journey and say ‘thank you’ for every way
we’ve been led.


Reflecting on
this makes me think of the song: (#530 in our hymnals)


When we walk with the Lord in the light of his word, what a
glory he sheds on our way! While we do his good will, he abides with us still,
and with all who will trust and obey.


Trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in
Jesus, but to trust and obey. 

 2 Not a shadow can rise, not a cloud in the skies, but his smile quickly
drives it away; not a doubt nor a fear, not a sigh nor a tear, can abide while
we trust and obey.


3 Not a burden we bear, not a sorrow we share, but our toil
he doth richly repay; not a grief or a loss, not a frown or a cross, but is
blest if we trust and obey. 

 4 But we never can prove the delights of his love until all on the altar
we lay; for the favor he shows, and the joy he bestows, are for them who will
trust and obey. 

 5 Then in fellowship sweet we will sit at his feet, or we’ll walk by his
side in the way; what he says we will do, where he sends we will go; never
fear, only trust and obey.


I pray that we
all will find the joy of walking with, trusting, and obeying our Lord and
Master, Guide and Friend.


May God bless
you all the remainder of this week, and in the final days of 2018!



      Pastor Mark Tatum






Please pray for
the victims of the recent tsunami in Indonesia, as well as rescue workers
pouring into the area. Thousands of these folks were inundated without warning,
many of them as they slept. And let us take the lesson that we are never to
take our continued safety and stability for granted day by day. Let’s of course
continue praying for victims of tragedies both natural and man-made, in places
near and far around the globe. Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and wars never
stop making their marks, leaving tragedies in their wakes. Come quickly, Lord


Susan Hasso’s Aunt was recently released from Loma Linda Hospital after going
there with a weakened heart. She is still suffering the effects of her health
condition, though, please keep her elevated in prayer. Thankfully, she is a
woman of strong faith. She needs physical healing so her body can be as strong
as her spirit is.


Brother Elliott
Harris is giving thanks that his mother, Jean Harris, who was briefly
hospitalized a few weeks ago, has returned home. He prays that the doctors have
gotten to the root of what the issue was, and that there will be no more
problems for her. Please join us in praying for her stability.


continue to keep in prayer others who are enduring long-term illnesses:

Vasile Tolan, Victor’s Father, who is recovering from a surgery he had to
remove a cancer on his foot.

Betty Caballero’s sister-in-law niece Carol, and friend Lupe, who are both
suffering with health problems.

 Vivian Rodriguez, Rosa Ferreras, and Daniel Geli, who are enduring
effects of long-term illness. May they do so with grace, faith, and improvement
over time.

Lloyd & Esther Sellers, who have both had health problems, that they would
gradually strengthen and be able to return to us. They also request prayer for
their children & grandchildren as they go through various challenges in
their decisions in life.


for families and relationships that are strained and broken. Pray for prodigals
to be ‘nudged’ by the Holy Spirit to return home to the faith of their
upbringing. Pray also for the church’s marriages to be strong & fulfilling.


for our leaders, local, broad, and abroad, to be wise and judicious in their
leadership. Let’s remember that the Bible’s instruction is to pray for our
leaders (Romans 13:1, 1 Tim. 2:1-2) so we can live peaceably, doing God’s work
day by day.


is, of course, much more to pray for. Please consider joining our weekly prayer
groups, and if you have a prayer request to submit for our list, please
communicate it either to pastor Mark or the church office. God bless you.






Bank Distribution Tonight (Wednesday)
: From 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., our food bank will be open for
distribution. If you or someone you know could benefit from some free food,
please encourage them to come and receive. Also we are looking for
additional drivers who would be able to help out with doing
grocery pickups 1 or more mornings per week.


Mid-week Prayer Groups: both our English & Spanish prayer groups
will be taking place tonight, Wednesday, and next week as well. This is
due to both holidays falling on Tuesdays. Spanish is at 5:30 in the fellowship
hall, and English is at 6:30 in room 304. In both groups we review a chapter of
The Desire of Ages (this week,
chapter 54: “The Good Samaritan”), and lift up prayers from the church prayer
list as well as personal concerns. Please consider joining this mid-week
blessing and fellowship connection.


& Afternoon Concert this Sabbath!
We will be having a special singing
group joining us this Sabbath: M.A.P (Music with A Purpose) ministry will be
blessing us both in our church service and afterward at a 2:00 p.m. concert.
We will be having a potluck in-between in our fellowship hall, so please
bring a vegetarian dish to share, and plan to come enjoy a last-Sabbath of the
year afternoon together. (FYI, this week’s
potluck will be replacing January’s potluck, so no potluck on Jan. 5th).


schedule will be normal, with a 9:30 start time.
Pastor Mark will be doing songs & Sabbath School in the Youth Room, Dr. Israel Chambi will be presenting in the Sanctuary, y Joel
Milla predicara para la devocional en el fellowship hall con los hermanos Hispanos.
Come and join our most dynamic & interactive part of the church day!


de Jovenes
our bilingual closing of the Sabbath service, will be held this Sabbath
afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in the Youth Room. Come to enjoy group singing, a Bible
game, and an engaging speaker.


Clubs of Pathfinders and Adventurers
 will not be meeting this Sabbath, will be resuming on
January 5th. Both groups have done great jobs in their recent
Christmas activities and efforts. Thanks to our leaders & all volunteers
for their great contributions.


Dedication Service next Monday night:
As we say goodbye to 2018 and begin our
2019, we will be holding a 5:00 p.m. service in our fellowship hall to
re-dedicate ourselves to the Lord. This will include a footwashing &
communion service. It will be held in a bilingual format. Come say goodbye to
the old year & welcome the new one with us. And blessings to all on their


Pastor Mark is available to meet during the second half of the
week, both this week and next, and is available for appointments either at the
church, your home, or another location. Feel free to call/text him at (714)
650-1245, or e-mail 
prmarktatum@gmail.com if you’d like to
communicate something to him, or arrange for a time to meet



29th Potluck Lunch & Afternoon Music Concert @ 2:00 p.m.

Dec. 31st End of year night service/communion in Fellowship Hall

            Jan. 19th OC Pathfinder day, held
in Fellowship Hall

            Jan. 26th Church-wide
birthday party social, 5:00 p.m.




It looks like that is what’s going on for our church community! We pray that
you and your families are blessed as you continue walking in God’s grace. May
we ever be seeking his guidance, comfort, and will in our lives.


bless you all.



Mark Tatum