Mid-week Pastor’s Update 12-19-2018

I apologize for sending out this update late! I wrote it and e-mailed it to myself yesterday, but forgot to add the mailing list! Please see important announcements below, particularly the 

Highlighted  one about  Potluck Breakfast This Sabbath!  

Anaheim SDA Church

Mid-week Pastor’s Update

December 19th, 2018


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“He came unto his own, yet his
own did not receive him” John 1:11


We are now less than a week away from Christmas. I always get happy,
seeing the lights go up in the neighborhoods, hearing Christmas songs in
shopping centers and other public places (interspersed with religious themes),
and everything from billboards to churches recognizing the special time of


Some Christians can be “humbugs”, bringing up the ‘pagan’ origins of
the holiday, the inaccuracy of December 25th as a supposed birth day
for Jesus, the consumerism aspect, etc. But I say, a cause for cheerfulness,
and even more a cause for Christian
cheerfulness, is not to be passed-up.


I heard one analyst some years ago talk about the psychological
importance to having something happy, something to look forward to, as the days
shorten, temperatures drop, and winter sets-in. The difference isn’t so felt in
Southern California, but in broad swaths of the country, including the entire
center and northeast of the U.S., winter’s cold and darkness is a real thing. In
addition, Seasonal Affective Disorder (perhaps not coincidentally abbreviated
SAD) sets-in, making people feel generally gloomy. So Christmas and all its
trappings is a wonderful counterbalance to that.


Even Ellen White in the Spirit of Prophecy tells us that we are not to
neglect a time when hearts are more inclined to spiritual things than the rest
of the year. While of course being against the empty frivolity that some engage
in, she advocates that gift-giving in light of God’s greatest gift to us is fitting,
and that children can be taught to enjoy Christmas in connection to its meaning
of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem so many years ago.


So let’s take opportunity to make this time a happy time, a cheerful
time, a time of warmth and gratitude, in light of the great plan of salvation
God set into motion so many years ago by sending His Son.


I pray that you and your loved ones enjoy a warm and festive Christmas
next Tuesday. And may Jesus be welcomed into each of our hearts.


God bless you all.



     Pr. Mark Tatum




Prayer Requests:


Sister Susan Hasso is requesting
prayer for her aunt, who was recently admitted to Loma Linda hospital with
heart failure. Thankfully, she is a strong woman of faith. She needs physical
healing so her body can be as strong as her spirit is.


Brother Elliott Harris is
giving thanks that his mother, Jean Harris, who was briefly hospitalized a
couple weeks ago, has returned home. He prays that the doctors have gotten to
the root of what the issue was, and that there will be no more problems for
her. Please join us in praying for her stability.


Pray for those suffering near and far, from both natural and
man-made disasters. From Northern California to Tijuana to Yemen, many are in
need of care and God’s comfort. Please keep them high on your prayer list.


Please continue to keep in prayer others who are
enduring long-term illnesses:

* Vasile Tolan, Victor’s Father, who is
recovering from a surgery he had to remove a cancer on his foot.

* Betty Caballero’s sister-in-law niece Carol, and
friend Lupe, who are both suffering with health problems.

*  Vivian Rodriguez, Rosa Ferreras, and
Daniel Geli, who are enduring effects of long-term illness. May they do so with
grace, faith, and improvement over time.

* Lloyd & Esther Sellers, who have both had
health problems, that they would gradually strengthen and be able to return to


Please pray for stability and improvement in
each case, that God would strengthen and sustain so many sincere children of


Pray for families and relationships that are
strained and broken. Pray for prodigals to be ‘nudged’ by the Holy Spirit to
return home to the faith of their upbringing. Pray also for the church’s
marriages to be strong & fulfilling.


Pray for our leaders, local, broad, and abroad,
to be wise and judicious in their leadership. Let’s remember that the Bible’s
instruction is to pray for our leaders (Romans 13:1, 1 Tim. 2:1-2) so we can
live peaceably, doing God’s work day by day.


There is, of course, much more to pray for.
Please consider joining our weekly prayer groups, and if you have a prayer
request to submit for our list, please communicate it either to pastor Mark or
the church office. God bless you.






Last Weekend’s Christmas Celebration a Success! A big thanks goes out to all who
contributed & participated in last week’s special Christmas service &
evening party. Lots of folks mentioned how special the day felt to them, and
our visiting music group was impressed at the beauty & friendliness of our
church. May the togetherness continue, both in our church as well as among your
families & loved ones, as Christmas draws near.


Food Bank Distribution Tonight (Wednesday): From 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., our food bank will be open for
distribution. If you or someone you know could benefit from some free food,
please encourage them to come and receive. Also we are looking for
additional drivers who would be able to help out with doing
grocery pickups 1 or more mornings per week.


de Oración en Español
 reúne esta tarde a las 5:30 en el fellowship hall. Estamos
continuando a leer el libro Deseado de Todas las Gentes (esta
semana capitulo 53, “El Ultimo Viaje Desde Galilea”, y oramos juntos. Por favor
considera reuniendo con nosotros para recibir una bendición.   


Christmas Potluck Breakfast This Sabbath! At 8:30 this Sabbath morning, we will be
meeting in the fellowship hall to share a Christmas breakfast together. Bring a
vegetarian breakfast dish to share, and we will enjoy a meal together with a
joyous theme. Bilingual Sabbath school program will follow in the fellowship
hall at 9:30.


Saturday Morning Sabbath Schools commence at 9:30 Saturday mornings for all age groups! Kids
and Youth
 begin in the youth room with morning refreshments and songs,
before going to their age-level classes at 10:00. Adults begin
at 9:30 in the in the fellowship hall, where Pr. Mark will be presenting.
Then, lesson study is at
10:00, in room 305/306 as usual. Esta semana los hermanos Hispanos reunirán
en el fellowship hall junto con los anglo-parlantes, y tendrán su
lección de Escuela Sabática allí. 
May we all be
blessed with this most dynamic, participatory part of our day.


Kids’ Clubs of Pathfinders and Adventurers will be on haitus for the rest of the year, resuming on
January 5th. Both groups have done great jobs in their recent
Christmas activities and efforts. Thanks to our leaders & all volunteers
for their great contributions.


Sociedad de Jovenes, our bilingual closing of the Sabbath service, will be held this
Sabbath afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in the Youth Room. Come to enjoy group singing,
a Bible game, and an engaging speaker.


Pastor’s Availability: Pastor Mark is available to meet during the second half of the
week, both this week and next, and is available for appointments either at the
church, your home, or another location. Feel free to call/text him at (714)
650-1245, or e-mail prmarktatum@gmail.com if
you’d like to communicate something to him, or arrange for a time to meet


Mid-week Prayer: because of the up-coming Christmas & New Years’
holidays, both groups will be meeting on Wednesday evenings. Grupo de Español
a las 5:30, and English group at 6:30. As usual, we will be reviewing a chapter
of Desire of Ages (next week: chapter 53, “The Good Samaritan”) and will lift
up petitions in group prayer. It is a great spiritual re-charge during the
week. Please consider joining.


Upcoming Events:

22nd Christmas breakfast in Fellowship Hall

29th Potluck Lunch & Afternoon Music Concert

31st End of year night service/communion in Fellowship Hall




Alright! It looks like that is what’s going on
for our church community! We pray that you and your families are blessed as you
continue walking in God’s grace. May we ever be seeking his guidance, comfort,
and will in our lives.


God bless you all.



     Pastor Mark Tatum