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Hello again dear Anaheim SDA Members,
You likely remember that a few Sabbaths ago, we held an effort at our church to bring donations and make cards to kids who were in facilities while separated from their parents for immigration reasons. It was a little something we could do in a situation where many of us felt moved to compassion, but also felt largely powerless to make a change.
Well, last week, JoAnne & Darryl Lightford delivered those goods to a facility in Fullerton, and the director was so pleased to receive both the goods as well as the care cards made from our kids & other members. She assured that the kids would directly benefit from them very soon (almost surely already have).
I’m attaching a couple of pics that JoAnne sent me. We just wanted to follow-up and make sure all were aware that the goods got to their destination and are achieving their purpose. Thanks very much, JoAnne & Darryl for making the connections & being the driving force behind this effort!
We are glad, of course, to hear that the number of separated children is decreasing. Let’s remember these scared & disoriented kids in our prayers, that God & His angels would console them through this very difficult time in their young lives.
God bless you and your families. May you have a lovely Sabbath coming-up.

Pastor Mark Tatum

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