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Mid-Week Pastor’s Update


March 8, 2017

“The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 15:4

I don’t often use movies for illustrations, but permit me to do it this once:

A while back I saw a silly movie (based on a silly book) that had to do with people travelling through space with a galactic encyclopedia that helped them get out of sticky (and silly) situations.

Toward the end of the movie, one of the characters comes across a gun: not a normal, bullet-shooting gun, but rather a point-of-view gun, which, when shot, causes the victim to immediately perceive and understand the point-of-view of the shooter. Thus, villains are turned into friends, potential fights turn into fascinating discussions, the galaxy can be put back in harmony, etc.

At the time I saw this movie, I was in my first year teaching at my previous academy, and was dealing with a particularly difficult Senior class at the time. When I saw this imaginary device, my jaw dropped open in wonder: “That’s exactly what I need!” I practically shouted out-loud.

I went through my routines as the days and weeks went by, but my mind kept going back to the point-of-view gun, and how it could solve all my problems. Just zap a problematic student with it, and, the student would not only immediately come into line, but would see why the lessons we were studying were so important, and would immediately turn into a model class member, helping out other students who hadn’t caught-on to the lessons yet.

I remember longing for that device. I remember fantasizing about what my classes could be like if I had one. I would internally beg that that device could exist, and I remember thinking that I would truly pay a million dollars for it (and would undoubtedly have to make large payments on it for the rest of my lifetime!). It would be worth every penny.

Of course, I knew it was a pipe-dream. It was obvious that such a device does not exist, and in the back of my mind, I knew that it could not exist. Beyond all the other impossibilities, It would violate God’s high principle of free will in people!

Plus, imagine if it did exist?! What would happen if it fell into the wrong hands? Any twisted mind with any warped point of view could dominate society, indeed, the whole world (!) if such a device were created. (There’s a genius movie-plot in itself!) Thank goodness, it hasn’t been.
But it got me thinking: what is the closest thing to a point-of-view gun we have? After a while I realized; a little, 3-inch apparatus I possessed (in fact, which we all possess) was close: my tongue.

God has given us the power to communicate our views and change minds, if our ideas are worthy. We can explain why things are a certain way, or why they should be another. We can describe successes and failures, and express sympathy and care to those who need it.

On the other hand, we can also use our tongues to cut-down others, to deride and dehumanize them. We can spread lies and gossip and glorify sin and vice with them. We can spew putrid slanders and derogatory comments with them. We can puff-up ourselves and push others down.
While the power of our tongues is not absolute, it certainly is mighty, and God has entrusted us with a great responsibility in enabling us all to possess them.

Have you thought recently about what you use your tongue for? The verse quoted above seems to say that, depending on how we use them, they can be sources of great healing, or conversely, of great pain.

In Jesus, the most sublime, eternal truths ever considered were expressed using a tongue just like our own. We would do well to have his words on our own tongues.

In contrast, the way we see many using their tongues today in entertainment, politics, and, yes, religion is a stark differentiation. Which option will our speech most mirror?

Let’s pray that God would give us wisdom to use our mini “point-of-view guns” wisely. That we might find the right thing to say to others who are in distress, and that we can bless our Lord with both a clean mouth and spirit. When we turn our powerful weapons into tools for good, there’s no telling what greatness can come from it. To God be the glory!

May the Lord bless you all.

In Him,
Pastor Mark

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